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YouTube Dark Mode Android

YouTube Dark Mode Android Theme is Finally Coming Soon – Android Geekster

From now it’s been more than 5 months that Google declare that youtube dark mode android theme will be coming soon to android and iOS devices. YouTube Dark Mode Android has been live to desktop web user. We expect this dark mode soon compatible with Android and iOS devices as Google is testing dark mode on android. Option will be added to mobile application when google complete its phase and when the feature has fully rolled out for use.

YouTube-Dark-Theme coming soon

Now a days often-seen request specially android user is dark theme. Finally Google is working on it and finalizing it’s user request. As we heard news from last year that in november android user were getting dark youtube theme as while the web have had it for months, but there has been radio silence on the android side. Well it’s only done partially as the iOS users are taking advantage of this new feature.

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So don’t be sad android users because you are getting this Youtube Dark Mode Android this week as google took less than half a year to bring this feature to its user as it promised back in march. So android folks your update is on it’s way to you ASAP.

 iOS users get it first as always. Also Reddit users reported that dark theme is automatically applied to their phones apps. They also get a undo or light theme popup to revert it. Whether they choose to turn it off. The dark theme can be handled by the user in the settings like that it can be turn off or on in the app’s settings menu.

Steps to manage its settings are:

1: Go to the settings

2: Choose General

3: Then find the dark theme.

We hope to get this feature in coming weeks so this would be the best feature in the youtube app for the users especially when they use youtube at night.

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