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Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9 – Almost Here

The News that we all were just waiting for is finally here, previously we heard that Samsung Galaxy S9 family will get revealed at MMC. It was a rumor based thing but now it is official. It’s officially confirmed by Samsung themselves that the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will get announced at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2018 live in Barcelona.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 family is getting announced at MDC. This is it here for you all it’s now just a month away. This time Samsung certainly did a great job with the leaks, mean so far we don’t have any live leaks of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus apart from this high quality clones that are showing us how the actual real thing will look but of course the front of these clones are pretty bad obviously it’s not actually the real thing so at CES 2018.

Samsung announced a lot of different things other than smartphones they want to build an ecosystem like Apple so far that they have their big speed wise assistant integrated in different things such as televisions and home appliances so all their 2018 TVs will have support for Bixby for easy setup like asking for different commands such as weather playing a song. Except that there are too much functionalities we have in future with these flagships from Samsung.

Here is the glossy look of leaked design of Galaxy S9.

samsung galaxy s9 display


Sega the world’s first ever modular TV called the wall was also announced and unless you configure your television to whatever size you want it’s having a micro LED technology it’s beyond amazing. This showed the 146 inch version of it and it looked Judge Antic there are a lot of cool things from Samsung mean it is such a big company they work so hard so many different things but as smartphone Geek I am more excited for the MWC now. We will be recapping everything we know about the new improved beast. I’ve been covering up everything from the SAR on the channel if you may it doesn’t matter here’s everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus alright first comes the design.

samsung galaxy s9

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus both are having the glass back and metal on the sides the button configurations are still the same as before the headphone jack is also there which is amazing there are four main things that you will notice different on the Samsung Galaxy S9 and a S9 Plus pair to the lost year generation. So first is the bottom bezel it is tenor than before it’s not going to be that noticeable but if you put side by side with the Galaxy S8 you’ll see that it does look thinner than before hence we call it the infinity design 2.0 both S9 and S9 Plus will have this design change the other change is with the speaker.

The S9 is the first phone from Samsung to have dual AQG Tunes to your speaker’s now compared to the last year’s Galaxy s8 not only the speaker is bigger but it’s also wider with support for Dolby Atmos so that the sound will be tuned to have a more richer you know experience and it’s going to be morning immersive the third change is perhaps a much needed change that interesting fingerprint scanner position is now below the camera with a slight space in between for that easy access so you’ll be able to unlock your phone by just placing the finger on the back without smudging the camera the four change you’ll notice is with the Samsung Galaxy S9 plus it’s now rocking dual cameras.

samsung galaxy s9

It’s the first ever Galaxy S Series phone do you have dual cameras on the back well the normal S9 the base model the smaller model is going to rock only one camera so that was all about the design next comes the display so the resolution has remained the same as well as the screen size so 5.9 inch on the Galaxy S 97.2 inch on S9 Plus although it is expected that the displays will be brighter and more accurate with color reproduction than the Galaxy S8 family.

Under the hood the Galaxy S9 Plus has a 6 gigabyte of RAM while the S9 has 4 gigabyte both will have base storage of 64 gigabyte with the support for microSD card up to 256 gigabyte and the CPUs we have are best. It depends on which market you live both processors are pretty capable with full support for 3D facial scanning and advanced phase detection then we have the cameras.


It still unknown how many megapixels will be there but it expected to be the biggest camera change since the galaxy S7 if you all remember with Samsung Galaxy S8 it was all about the design Samsung focused on that and the camera was pretty much left the same as the S7, mean the sensor was the new but it was the same as the s7 but this time as we know the design is not that change and it’s all about making the improvements and other much needed categories especially the camera in order to compete with the likes of Google Pixels Camera.

The camera is reimagined the Samsung Galaxy S9 will have F 1.5 aperture while S9 plus Is said to have a F 1.4 aperture which is an insane jump from the F 1.7 of the Galaxy S8 family and they’re setting a standard like no one has that level of aperture right now. It is going to take the camera low light game do a whole new freaking level other than that the 4k video recording at 60 frames per second sport will be there for the first time along with that 900 frames per second slow motion video like the Sony Phones is also expected these security features are also improved we have a better finger image scanner position the three official scanner is also there.

samsung galaxy s9 iris

It’s more secure than the 2nd one on Galaxy S8 and also there is a 3 megapixel Iris Sensor for improved iris scanning the battery on the Galaxy S9 is said to be thirty two hundred million bar while S9 Plus will have a 36 hundred million per cell. These things make S9 and S9 Plus faster grade with sound bigger battery size there is a huge improvement coming to the camera and we have a better fingerprint scanner solution as well as a better facial / iris solution compared to the last generation so you’re getting upgrades everywhere in the price. So the expected price is going to be $1,000. Mean the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was at $1,000 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is expected to be at that same price as well while the Galaxy S9 probably cost $850 because it’s not having the dual cameras. It’s not having more RAM you’re also missing out on the bigger size and the bigger battery so it seems like $850 is the right price for the Galaxy S9 but these are not confirm yet.

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