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samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo Official

Android Oreo S8 Beta Version

What’s new compare to the old version, what Samsung has added on top of Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo with there Samsung experience 9.0 UI. Paradox XDA forums actually made possible for the Exynos Galaxy S8. Android 8.0 Beta is currently for the Qualcomm Galaxy S8 Devices.

Let’s get back to the device’s first of all as you can see that visually there is no difference as you can see it by yourself, you can’t tell easily that there is Nougat 7.0 or Oreo 8.0.

There is no major UI difference, the font is the same, and the apps icons are same, there is no extra icons added and no material changed of any application because so far this is the Beta 2 version of android 8.0 Oreo. They will definitely add more features in a new upcoming build but yet there is no visual UI change. What Samsung has done, they have polish the UI experience further more making smoother and have added some really cool features.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo
samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

Lock screen

So starting off with the lock screen it looks very similar compare to the new get lock screen but now if you tap on the timer, it actually shows you the seconds counter as well. As you can see in the picture we have the seconds we have the minutes and we have the hours going.

Previously if we tab on a timer on the lock screen, nothing would happen. On android 8.0 Oreo update you have the news notification option so. If you swipe it to the left you have the option to snooze your notifications for a specific time. Apart of the snooze you can also pin your notifications.

Multitasking Tray

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo
samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

In android 8.0 Oreo we have small change in multitasking tray, there we having a colorful bar for each application but now in Oreo we just have a colorful text and it’s just white. So it looks much better and much cleaner than before. Pressing on a three dots gives you an extra option called list view. So as you just click on that you will get a very cool looking multitasking tray. So instead of a full preview of the application you have very organized list view, so you quickly jump through the application you want to and use it.


Big Change with the keyboard because they have added a toolbar, it will gives you couple of options such as Emoji’s. It support Emoji’s 5.0 and got couple of stickers and have also the Gifs. This is a nice edition of these things you have on with your keyboard. They also add high contrast keyboard theme so can change colors according to your taste and use.

Full Search Bar

Except that we have a change to the settings now instead of a search button on a top corner of the display which is actually hard to reach, now we have a full search bar. You can press anywhere on the search bar and start typing what you want to search. That’s the small change there but very effective indeed.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

The “About Phone” option is also changed and have different way of showing features of the phone. Now it shows all the information on top such as the Serial Number, The IMEI Number, Model Number and the Phone Number. At all top of that it shows the name of the phone like Jack’s Phone or Jack’s Galaxy Phone. So Samsung making things easier for their users. In display settings we have block accidental touches new option which basically prevents the screen from accidental touches, for example in a pocket or a dark place.

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo gives you a native feature of the software is dual messenger support, so now can use two separate accounts for a same application which we don’t have on older version of android 7.0 Nougat. It also support’s Whatsapp and other application also.

Now Samsung have also added some new edge lighting effects to the Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo. We have new option of Edge lightning style option where we have more options to get edge lightning colors. We can also set its transparency of the colors and width of it how much it take space on a screen.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo
samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

In device manager everything is pretty same but when you press at the top right three dot’s you may have new option to configure auto restart from the device maintenance tab. Basically you can schedule your time to restart your phone at any time of the day. If you want to do that for smoothness and faster performance of your phone you can do it from that option from the device manager.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

We now have the quick support to the shortcuts which were available previously. These are like more of Samsung experience UI shortcuts but now we have more options than before. As we can quickly jump to the Wi-Fi, Data usage or Battery options. As we can hold a click on twitter then we got more options. We can search we can quickly jump to new tweet or a new message or scan a QR Code.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

The camera UI is also changed with this new update, the complete Samsung Galaxy Note 8 UI is here now. Now HDR option gone to the settings, instead of that we have full screen option there so pressing this full screen option actually takes you the full screen mode. There is no blacker bar around it. But there is no live focus support there like in Note 8.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

You can change and customize folder to the next level. Now you can add your own customs color.Its shows you the recently used colors. You can go ahead and make your own favorite color whatever color you want. We now support hiding the albums directly from the gallery app. We don’t have to install any other third party application for that. For that just go through the steps:

  •  Press the three dot’s on the upper right corner
  •  Select the “Hide Album” option

Same procedure for unhiding the album. We have some new clocks with android 8.0 Oreo and we can customized these as well with different colors.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo has added advance tab to the face widgets settings. Now basically you can select where you want this to appear. On a last update it appears on everywhere on the lock screen and on the always on mode. Now you can have it on both or just on lock screen, so that it won’t appear on always on mode. Samsung is trying out is that the timer the lock screen tile match the colors of your wallpapers.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

Now with Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo you get the support of background video play. So you have options in new update to view video in full display or in popup mode display. As goggle may calling it picture in picture mode. Because you can do anything or can use any app too while video is playing. This a very advance form of multitasking. You can move or set the video popup according to you. Also you can tap on that to display a full mode video screen.

samsung galaxy s8 android 8.0 oreo

Now a quick change with the Samsung Dex as well. Now if you have not a keyboard or a mouse you can actually use it on the display of your phone as a mouse. They also have new changes to the app drawer as well. The Samsung Galaxy S8 Android 8.0 Oreo also have supports to the game launcher.

This is for the Android Beta 8.0 Oreo version. The Samsung but we have official stable one coming soon ahead with fully optimized official updates.

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