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samsung galaxy note 8

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The failure of last year’s Galaxy Note 7 was verily a disastrous one for Samsung. The launch of Galaxy Note 8 has poured a fresh soul in Samsung’s Note Brand. Regaining of trust is one of the mammoth achievements of Galaxy Note 8 for Samsung.

So the beast and the best of androids till now the Samsung galaxy note 8 is at the throne of smart phones and for those who are interested in buying this expensive version of Samsung phone would like to know about this phone before spending a hefty amount on this phone. So here is a review of what you need to know about this phone that would help you to decide the either way.

Why Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

  • Ravishing exterior
  • Charming infinity display
  • High quality dual lens camera
  • Refined features of hardware with a S pen
  • Astounding performance
  • High storage RAM of 6 GB

Best Zones

  • Infinity display
  • High quality dual camera
  • High storage 6GB RAM
  • Tricky cool S PEN stylus

Bad About

  • Huge and difficult to handle
  • Fingerprint sensor with same flaws as with Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus
  • No extraordinary battery
  • Might be carrying features not needed by all
  • Expensive

Exterior Design

samsung galaxy note 8 exterior

The fetching exterior of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is made up of glass with a metal frame which holds it. The body is long more square like and angular. Though the best of Samsung Smartphone this huge size might be a drawback due to difficult handling. The glass and metal have distinct separation which gives the phone a firm grip. The distinguished feature of the exterior is the black rear dual camera. There is an oval fingerprint sensor at the back which has improved location it is someway away from the camera with heart rate sensor between camera and fingerprint sensor.  This beast also offers others security sensors like iris sensor and face sensor but these are not much reliable.

The Charming Infinity Display

samsung galaxy note 8 display

The attractive screen measuring 6.3 inches of this android almost completely covers the front of the phone which gives it the most grasping feature. The screen has the Samsung super AMOLED technology. Vibrant colors, high contrast visual display, high resolution, mobile HDR certification are the fantastic features of this classic android display. The beautiful display seems like a glowing lighting piece of glass.

High Quality Dual Lens Camera 2X Zoom

samsung galaxy note 8 camera

Obviously this feature of this phone is the most attractive as everyone now prefers to take high quality shots without carrying the burden of a camera and a phone separately. So this phone offers a best of the camera results by introducing a double lens camera of 12 megapixel technology for better resolution and a wide view.

Refind Features of Hardware With A S Pen Stylus

samsung galaxy note 8 s pen

The s pen is the feature of all Samsung notes but of course note 8 would be at the best of it. The s pen of this fantastic beast is highly sensitive with astounding 0.7mm stylus tip. This pen offers a fine control of writing drawing gifs so and so. Other hardware’s includes a micro SD card for further storage, fast wireless charging capabilities, Bluetooth 5 and gigabit and LTE support.

High Storage Ram of 6GB

samsung galaxy note 8 hardware

The leading feature of Samsung galaxy note 8 is its high storage RAM which makes it productive, multitasking and suitable for all kinds of users. You can store notes, pictures, books and a massive data easily. This high storage ram makes it superior to s8. Game-play on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is just amazing as its looks.

More About Samsung Note 8

  • THE BATTERY is well good can meet demands of usual usage but is not extraordinary.
  • There are FOUR COLORS in which note 8 is available to catch your eyes. The fetching colors are midnight black, orchid grey, maple gold and deep sea blue. All the colors are gorgeous and elegant putting you in a great difficulty to which go for.
  • The phone has IP68 CERTIFICATION which means it is dust and water resilient and can withstand submersion up to 1.5 m of water for 30 min.
  • FOR sound lovers the Samsung galaxy s8 doesn’t offers anything special rather the audio speaker is weak and the sound gets distorted at maximum.

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