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OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T will launch in October late this year on T-Mobile

It is confirmed by the sources that OnePlus 6T is going to be launch at the end of the year in October. No one but T- Mobile will sell it first with its own version soon in October. Oneplus see a huge jump due to US carrier support.

It will be the first time in America that someone will buy Oneplus devices from carrier storefront. According to CNET Oneplus 6T will be launched by Oneplus in October via its online portal on the web.

Oneplus 6T – Carrier Optimized

According to rumors we have a news that Oneplus was negotiating a business partnership with at least one carrier company either T-Mobile or AT&T also considering no Oneplus Devices work on other carriers including Sprint or Verizon.

CNET article explains that Oneplus is making another device apart of a global variant model of Oneplus 6T. There is another Oneplus 6T model which is especially carrier optimized include 600 MHz bands.

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The carrier’s optimized variant will have to pass the T-Mobile technical team requirements. It’s a high potential barrier for Oneplus to pass on. Right now the process isn’t complete and the news is that the carrier T-Mobile variant flies after the global one variant. It’s not only carrier dependent but also political issue raise as China & U.S relations are not too good and it is a big barrier for the launch of Oneplus 6T. This time you will get the fastest T with amazing HD display screen.

With the launch of Oneplus 6T, the company’s sale’s revenue gonna boost well and will beat many other flagship devices. As Oneplus is offering its flagship device at half of the prize of Samsung flagship devices. According to studies people of America buy smartphones relevant to their carriers and nowhere else.

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