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history of android

History of Android | Origin and Versions

Google’s android, the ruler of the present day technology, has almost taken the world of smart phones under its throne. Almost a decade before the concept of phone has been totally changed with the coming and evolution of android. The era of android started officially on October 22, 2008, when the first android phone T-Mobile G1 launched in the United States. Though it contained only few features of the present android but no doubt a classical and tentative foundation was laid.  History of Android is made day by day as they introduce new level of features on their device’s. From the introduction of T-Mobile G1 till now the Google’s android has become the most popular OS of mobiles and has given a tough competition to the others like Symbian, Blackberry, Palm OS and web OS etc.

History of Android – Not an Incidence Rather an Evolutionary Setup

In OCT 2003 the company android was founded in PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA. Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White and Andy Rubin were its founders. Actually this android OS was initially never meant to be integrated or run smart phones rather it was meant to help improve the operating system of the digital cameras. But the decision of using android system just restricted to the digital cameras was not a good one because the demand of digital cameras was declining. So few months later the android team decided to integrate the android into mobiles.

In 2005 the Android Company was taken by the Google. Then it was decided to flourish the android by using Linux as the basis for android OS and working with third party mobile manufacturing companies by offering them to use android OS in their cell phones. The work was started earlier but it was unveiled to public officially on 22 OCT 2008 with the launch of first android phone in USA. Of course it was not a piece of a perfect cell phone but no doubt it was an ambitious and a revolutionary makeup that for the first time offered a touch screen , and landmark features of android which includes a number of products and services like Google map, YouTube ,HTML browser and others that used Google’s search services. These primitive features actually gave a platform for the eventually rise of Android.

The introduction of Android to the mobile market gave a spike to the rising Android and then dozens of evolution took place many new versions were introduced up till now which contains everything more advancing.

The Rising Steps in the Evolution of Android History

The Public Code Names For Android are following listed below.

The first official public code name given to Android version 1.5 was CUPCAKE.


android cupcake

It was launched in April 2009. The improved features of it were

  • The ability to upload a video on YouTube
  • Auto rotation of screen


android donut

This android version 1.6 was launched soon after the cupcake in September 2009.

The new features added to this version were

  • A quick search box
  • A quick connection and rolling between camera, camcorder and gallery to visualize the capturing
  • A power control widget for managing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS etc


android eclair

This android 2.0 – 2.1 version came up with new features of text-to- speech support, live wallpapers, map navigation and many other improvements. It was launched in OCT 2009.


android froyo

This version 2.2 obviously came up with advancing features of android that gave the cell phones with this version the benefit of mobile Wi-Fi hotspot, flash support, push notifications via Android cloud and much more.


android gingerbread

This android 2.3 was launched in September 2010. It introduced the ground for selfie and video chat.


android honeycomb

This android 3.0 was introduced in February 2011. It was basically design for the androids with larger display like tablets etc. It includes the features that would be needed and managed by large displays. But later it was not all that needed so many of its features were polished and incorporated into the next android version ice cream sandwich.


ice cream sandwich

This android version 4.0 was released in October 2011. It was a hybrid with the admixing features of honey comb and mobile oriented gingerbread versions plus it also contained many new features including the biometric unlocking system by scanning the face of the owner and matching it with the picture.

Other new features which this version introduced were swipe gestures to dismiss notifications and browser tabs etc.


android jelly bean

The android 4.1- 4.3 versions are included in the era of jelly bean version. It began with the release of android 4.1 in June 2012 and then the successive versions were released in October 2012 and July 2013 respectively. The jelly bean android version came up with many new updating features. Improved and multi featured notifications, improvements were made in the areas of Google chrome, HDR photography, animations and touch display.


android kitkat

The name to the android 4.4 version was given by the mutual consent of Google’s director of android global partnership and owner of nestle company.  It wasn’t enriched with new updated features but the thing it unique for was that it can be installed in cheaper handsets too.


lollipop version

This android 5.0 version was an astounding launching done in 2014. This was the first version of the OS that used Google’s new material design language. It is also made increased use of lighting and shadow effects. It made many new changes and updated many features like notification bar, unlocking system dual sum, HD voice calls and device protection. The last three features were included in version 5.1.


android marshmallow


This android version 6.0 was launched in 2015. It includes new features like scrolling app drawer, USB type C, fingerprint unlocking system and much more. Currently it is the most used android version in smart phones.


android nougat

This android version 7.0 was launched in the end of 2016. This was benefitted with many new features such as fast switching between apps , support  by Vulkan API for faster 3D rendering  , new JIT compiler etc.


The preview of new version 8.0 was released in March 2017. In AUGUST it was confirmed that Oreo would be the official name for the android version 8.0. This version is full of and will bring a storm of new features like changes and improvements in notifications, settings, unlocking systems, new auto fill APIs and much more. It is available in Google’s Android Open source project and soon it will be installed everywhere. Rolling-out soon on Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus and on Samsung Galaxy Note8 with the best every features and high quality high definition display.

android oreo

The Higher Feat’s of Android and Android’s Future

As we see the android made it start from very primitive change and progressed very rapidly. Now it has become the center of operating systems of cell phones and even more it has widen itself to our laptops , televisions, wrist watches etc. Today android is marketed to almost 80-85% of the smart phones used. As android has always been revolutionary it is expected that soon it will be everywhere.

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